Thursday, September 1, 2016

Digging In Deep

When you purchase an old home there is always the mystery about who owned it before, what has happened there, etc. Certainly many a horror movie has been based on that "old mystery house" . Well, when we purchased the house in March 2014 we knew we were buying a historical landmark over 100 years old. 116 10th St Racine Wisconsin was a home of Emily Baker and her family. She was prominent in this community. We know A.J.Horlick of Horlick Malted Milk was also an owner of the house. The Bendstead Hall fame when the nurses is still very much in existence as a lot of her alumni are still here with us. We knew this going in.

Once we decided to be on the Tour of Historic Homes, we did not think we would be on such an adventure. Preservation Racine has been very helpful discovering so many interesting things. We have been on a great trek through the many trails of documents and are uncovering new things that are so fabulous.

Come join us on the tour! Sorry, no reveals until then!!!

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