Sunday, August 28, 2016

When the leaves start to turn....Labor Day feelings

It is about that sticky time in August when I get a bit of mixed feelings. It's almost the end of summer and school will be starting again soon. I love all my seasons. That's a Midwesterner for you! The changing from one to the other always has me feeling this way. Summer to Fall is one that I think I have the most hesitation with. I love summer. The freedom to stay up late, sleep in ( at least for my kids) and go to the beach and have a picnic supper is always such a joy. I don't really mind the heat. It kind of comes with the advantage of living near Lake Michigan and Racine WI having one of the best beaches around. Not to mention the county fairs that are all over the state. I like to have a little fire in our backyard and roast marshmallows with my kids and make s'mores. It's a great time for getting together with friends and family.

Then comes fall. Labor Day for me is the start. I know the calendar does not agree, but this is the way I have thought about it as long as I can remember. The start of the school year kicks it off. It usually starts just after Labor Day. When I was younger, school was another activity. Around August I would get bored and want school to come so I would have something different to do. New shoes, new clothes, school supplies, etc. These things all ushered in fall to me. It was always kind of bittersweet.

The weather starts to get cooler and it is about that time I got tired of being hot. When the leaves change colors everything is so majestic in some places it takes my breath away. I still find joy in seeing the first tree fire red or bright yellow. As a kid we always would try to get the most leaves we could together to jump in. Time after time, we would rake the pile back up so we could jump in it again. Pumpkins and squash and time to eat Chili and Beef Stew!

As I get older, this changing of seasons just keeps reinforcing to me how quick life can pass by if you are not careful. I still enjoy it, still feel a bit the same about loosing my summer. Got to go now, I am going to get in a few more times at North Beach before there is no more time left.