Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A park across the street called East Park

We reside on the corner of 10th street and Main Street in Racine, WI. The Gateway College Campus is just down the street. Part of their property is across the street from us. This part of their property used to be called East Park. It is famous now for it's statue of Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln. But when our house was built, it was East Park. 

When I promised to bring you a bit of information from 1893, the year the house was built, I did not realize I would also find other facts and photos that would be interesting from around the same time. Time changes lots of things. Landscape, ecosystems, communities.... it is fascinating to me and to Pamela the changes and what used to be is obviously  something we like or we would not have jumped into this historical landmark. 

I think it is important to know where we are from as well as where we are heading. To look back can give you such a great sense of comfort to know we don't have the struggles the past has had and how much we have changed and advanced and in some cases, what we have lost.

When I found this photo of what the middle of that park looked like in 1895 I can only assume this is what Emily Baker and her family used to see when they sat on our grand front porch or took a stroll through the park.