Thursday, July 28, 2016

A house that is calling you home

 Guests arrive all the time from all over. One of the things Pamela and I have started to notice is how often we get people coming back that have moved away. They are visiting family or friends that still live here. Or they are showing someone they are with where they were from first hand.

We love Racine Wisconsin. It has been my home for pretty much my whole life and Pamela has lived here for over 40 years herself. It warms our heart when we get guests in that come back and still find our city fabulous and some even say when they retire, they will move back.

Racine has a lot to offer visitors and families that live here. I guess you can, like anything, focus on what is right or focus on what is wrong. We like to look at all the great businesses that are in town, both large and small. We like to look at all the great things to do in the area. All the great art, culture, and community investment programs that we have and the tons and tons of volunteers that stand up every day, week to help their local church, school and the community.

Our house is also a home. I mean, the nature of a bed and breakfast is that it is also a home. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about Christmas House's past. It was a home then too. To Emily Baker's family, the Horlick family and to tons and tons of student nurses that stayed in Benstead Hall. Now that we are a bed and breakfast, it has become a house that has called its past residents to come home. And we are happy that they are coming to our house and calling it home for their stay here.

Welcome we will make sure your homecoming is GRAND!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Porch to Save Sale

You may have heard that 116 10th St is having a "Save the Porch " sale. This is true. Have you seen our porch? It looks okay from far away. Up close? Not so much. You have to give it a little credit though, after all, it is over 120 years old. I am not sure the last time it was worked on, but it really needs it now. We have done all we can financially on our own and now we need help. It does not take much to do it either. If 100 people all chipped in $20.00 we would have $2000.00. Our budget for the porch keeps changing. It would be great if that meant that it was going DOWN!! That, however, is not the case.

So we started a GoFundMe for it. and we have also started planning some events to help us reach our goal of $100,000. One if the first events is our Save the porch sale we are having on August 6th and 7th, 2016 from 9am to 5pm.    

Come check it out! There will be all kinds of stuff. Though I cannot guarantee what will be in there but if you know Pamela Deskins, you will know it will be great, unique and fun. And along the way you will be helping us to fix the porch up to its grandness that it needs to be for our guests and you to enjoy.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A park across the street called East Park

We reside on the corner of 10th street and Main Street in Racine, WI. The Gateway College Campus is just down the street. Part of their property is across the street from us. This part of their property used to be called East Park. It is famous now for it's statue of Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln. But when our house was built, it was East Park. 

When I promised to bring you a bit of information from 1893, the year the house was built, I did not realize I would also find other facts and photos that would be interesting from around the same time. Time changes lots of things. Landscape, ecosystems, communities.... it is fascinating to me and to Pamela the changes and what used to be is obviously  something we like or we would not have jumped into this historical landmark. 

I think it is important to know where we are from as well as where we are heading. To look back can give you such a great sense of comfort to know we don't have the struggles the past has had and how much we have changed and advanced and in some cases, what we have lost.

When I found this photo of what the middle of that park looked like in 1895 I can only assume this is what Emily Baker and her family used to see when they sat on our grand front porch or took a stroll through the park. 


Saturday, July 16, 2016

A long time coming for Christmas House B&B

So sorry for not posting for such a long time. We have been very busy at the Christmas House Bed & Breakfast. First, we hosted a party for some great nurses who used to stay at Benstead Hall. Then we worked on getting our restaurant license. I sometimes wonder how we get things done. When one thing is accomplished there are five more that take it's place. Every time I thought if getting in to the blog and jotting some stuff down I lost track of time.

Well, I am a recovering work a holic so can you cut me a little slack? I am back on track now and will try and get the posts back up to speed. For those that enjoyed reading it, I am going to say sorry once again and try and not let it happen again.

We have worked so hard over the last few months on several things that needed doing for us to finally feel like we were in business. One of which was our sign. On Friday July 1st, 2016 we accomplished that goal. It went into the yard that day and I could not have been more excited. People thought I won the lottery with 25 million the way I was acting. But I could not help it. When you have a business and do not have a sign marking you are there, people just do not find you as much. The internet helped us some. But nothing says I am here then a big 7 foot tall sign that lights up when it is dark.

So start looking again for the blog. I am going to get back into my routine and get some stories and information out your way. This year I was going to dedicate a part of the blog to 1893, the year the house was built. I will still do that. Along with that I will work on sharing other great items with you,

Thanks for being a part of the Christmas House Bed & Breakfast. We are happy you are here.