Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What is a B & B?

What does B & B stand for? Bread & Butter? Bats & Balls? Black & Blue? or even Beauty & the Beast. Good guess!  Unfortunately, not close to being right in this case. It stand for Bed & Breakfast. So when did the first B & B evolve in the United States? The opening of one was as early as the Colonial America. In the 18th century there were very few places for travelers to stay. Most people had to rely on the kindness of stranger to put them up for the night. After WWII middle class Americans were traveling more. Some were interested in the historic preservation sparked by the Bicentennial 1976. Many B & B's  are set up in  historic mansions. Most Innkeepers live  in the house to take care of the guests. Some states require it. No bed and breakfast is the same either. Just as the innkeepers are unique, so too is the inn. Recently, new amenities such as wireless internet access have been added in some places to  stay competitive with the rest of the lodging industry.  Still other bed and breakfast inns have expanded to offer weddings and to have business meetings.

Here at Christmas House Bed & Breakfast our slogan is Meet, Celebrate, Rejuvenate. If you have a small meeting or a luncheon come sit in Library or Dining Room.  Have a small wedding under 60 people? We are perfect for that as well. Or if you just want a nice night in a beautiful surroundings, one of our rooms will suit you just fine.

When your visiting Racine, WI please stay at the Christmas House. We would love to meet you!








  1. The wedding team was very supportive. This venue had everything a girl might need. I highly recommend getting ready in the bridal suite of Malibu wedding venues. They lit the fireplaces and the views from the suite were exceptional.

  2. The florist and her dynamic team are highly responsive, attentive to detail, and friendly. I've had the pleasure of ordering three separate arrangements from them and the Flower Deliveries are consistently loved.