Thursday, February 4, 2016

in the year 1893

As promised, I will be writing some of my blog this year dedicated to the year 1893. This is the year the house was built. I find myself wondering what was going in the city of Racine, in the State of Wisconsin, in the world at that time. Was it such a great feat to do so then? Was Racine wealthy?

History in that way is very interesting to me. I can't remember dates of important events to save my life. But showing me what they wore, how they got from here to there and what music was like back then, now those are things I can really get into.

Take for instance, this dress I have here for you to look at. This is dress of 1893

fashion. Details were important back then. Not like today! Slap a t shirt on and some jeans and you are good to go. And you look like a million other people on the street. No, this look was a bit more detailed. In my opinion, a bit more distinguished as well. I guess there were attitudes that went along with this type of clothing as well. I suspect maybe we will find that out as we go along this year.

Do you find this facinating? If not, do not worry! This will not be all we will be about this year.

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