Saturday, February 13, 2016

Blog not me?

So I've been asked to blog for the Christmas House. I never blogged before now. When I was assigned this as one of my new job responsibilities, I was not so sure Anne had the right person. Intimidated? Yes, for sure. She assured me that the computer skills would come along better the more I did it. She also told me I had a lot of heart and that is what makes a good blogger. When it comes from within, is truthful and entertaining people will read it. So with her guidance I will try to entertain you with all the neat things I think you will love. Be vocal! Let me know what you want to know about or are interested in. After all, it is not just me in this blog, it is also you. Would you like to know more about the history of the Christmas house or current events? Speaking of current events we are sponsoring on Saturday February 13, 2016 a Big Sisters of Greater Racine a valentine celebration. We are decorating valentine cookies and then decorating the bags to put them in. I hope I've caught your attention and you continue to follow my blog.



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