Friday, December 25, 2015

Twas the night before??

This story is from Anne- Director of Christmas House

When my parents did not live in town, we would go visit them over the holidays.I remember trying to recite Twas the night before Christmas in the morning on Christmas Day. My kids and I would be in bed, kind of waiting on my mom and dad to get up. When they would start reciting the story from memory, we knew they were up. Each year that my kids heard that story we would get a little further. It was fun, and we would start coffee and the kids would be looking like they were going to die from excitement. All the while, we would be trying to get the story right. We would finally resign ourselves to forgetting the rest and would go get the old worn out book and finish it.

My kids are older now, teenagers. You would think this ritual would be a thing of the past. It touches my heart when I now hear them doing it. Small things mean the most. No xbox one or laptop will be what they will recall years later. It will be the story....

Make your story today! Merry Christmas!IMGP0912

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