Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The table is set

It is a grand dining room we have here at the Christmas House. The room welcomes you in like a giant hug. When we have guests in house, it is so much fun making the table special just for them. I get to pull out nice china plates, linen napkins and set them on a tablecloth. Each piece of silverware adds to the decoration, like a brush stroke on a painting, until the picture is complete.  A well set table can make soup and sandwich feel like a steak dinner.

Guests approach the room and I catch their eyes widen in wonder at the beauty set before them. "All for us?" they always ask. My response is," Of Course!" I mean why not? I like making people happy. The holidays just add more silverware, candles and family and friends at the table.

How about you? Do you set a special table for a meal during the holidays? I think we should do it more. Everyone is in so much of a rush, we have forgotten to digest our food well before we rush onto the next thing.

So here is a challenge for you all. Set at least one meal per quarter next year with all the trimmings. Put something in the middle for decoration. It does not have to be super fancy. Just extra special. Then post it on Facebook or respond to me here with it so I can check it out. Are you up to it? Check in, let's see if we can get mealtime back to a relaxing ejoyable affair.

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