Monday, December 21, 2015

It's a short one!

Today is December 21st, Winter Solstice . The day with the shortest amount of sun. Today it is pouring rain and we will be lucky to see even a ray of sun. Solstice means "sun" and "stand still" in Latin. In December, in the Midwest, we are usually surprised to see a day with sun. Typically, I think of December (weather wise) as the gray month. Often, with the rush of the holidays making everything a blur, the absence of the sun goes unnoticed by me. When we have snow I seem to notice it more. I am not sure why that is. The rain and no sun kind of go together in my association of what weather is supposed to be like. Snow, on the other hand, should have sun. Just my opinion.

I was reading up on this day and found that it is very scientific how this day is scheduled in the calendar. It has to deal with the earth's axis first day of winter 2015 and it is not always on the same day.

In my world, December 21st marks the time I need to do my shopping for the holidays. I am one of those last minute kind of people. One year I tried to shop early. Some of my family members shop early and are all done just after Thanksgiving.  I thought that I would try and remove some of the stress of the holiday season by trying their way. It did not work. I overbought because I forgot what I purchased way before the season came. Everyone had what felt like a million gifts to open. So I went back to what works for me.

Only a few more days until Christmas. Have you done your shopping? Are you an early bird like my aunt? Or do you wait until the last minute like I do? I am making my list, and checking it twice. ( I forget a lot these days!)

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