Thursday, December 17, 2015

Do you Pickle?

You do if your in my house. It's not what you think. There is no dill and garlic involved with this particular custom.  Every year when we would put ornaments on the tree, two were left for my parents to hide. There was one for the smaller kids and one for the bigger ones. It was shaped like a pickle. One was a lot bigger than the other to fit the "capability" of the kids looking for it to get that extra present. It was also supposed to bring them good luck all year. The note that came with the ornament said it was a german tradition.

Funny thing! Just like a lot of other"traditions" things get a little skewed and someone gets credit for something that never was. I kind of chuckeled when I was researching this subject since we still like to have a little fun with this every year. Oh, boy wait til Nana and Papa find out about this!

This will be interesting converasation material this Christmas Day!

The Christmas Pickle myth

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