Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CAROL? Anyone?

I remember as a kid going around to the neighbor's houses and signing Christmas Carols with my friends. We hoped someone would give us treats or some money. Most of the time, we did get candy canes. But we didn't care. Then when I was a teenager, we did it for choir. It was always fun and kind of got me in the mood for the holiday. You know, back when Christmas music wasn't played in October?! We would go to someone's house afterwards, divide up any money we received and had hot coco and some cookies.

Where that got started? Apparently the word itself meant a long time ago to dance to something. HUH? And it was a pagan custom to sing a song and dance for every season. These songs during Winter Solstic were very popular but when the Christians came along, they decided no more pagan stuff and had them sing Christian songs instead.

Noone really does that anymore. In today's times, is it really safe? I would like to think so. Somehow that can dampen the holiday spirit. So let's not think about that. Let the kids carol in the mall.Then maybe people can slow down a bit on their shopping trips and actually get some holiday spirit back.

This website has their take on the history of it. Check it out. The Christmas Caroling

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